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Revolutionary liquid epoxy coatings for corrosion prevention

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What is Powercrete?

Powercrete is an epoxy based polymer concrete used for protecting pipelines.

Powercrete dries smooth and hard making it ideal for slick bore or directional drilling applications.

Powercrete is an abrasion resistant epoxy making it a great coating over FBE for boring.

Powercrete the ultimate ARO coating for slick bore applications

Powercrete is a polymer concrete that bonds chemically to the fusion-bond epoxy.  

Normally it does not require any surface preparation to new fusion-bond epoxy.

Because Powercrete has a high shore hardness and extremely slick surface it is believed to be the best product available for slick bore applications.

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Powercrete J & F1 R65 on large diameter coal tar enamel coated pipeProtection Engineering 2201 Harbor Street, Unit C Pittsburg, CA 94565 Tel: 925.427.6200 Fax: 925.427.6202Protection Engineering 302 S 700 W Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Tel: 801.785.1546 Fax: 801.796.7384Domestic and International Sales and Shipping
F1 R-65 Now Available in Spray Cartridges Click Here for Details
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