Powercrete R-95 100% Solids Liquid Epoxy Novolac Coating

powercrete r-95 epoxy pipeline coating applied to a pipelinePowercrete R-95powercrete r-95 epoxy coating

Powercrete R-95 epoxy coating applied to a high temperature gas transmission pipeline.

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Powercrete R-95 is 100% solids, solvent free, high performance, two component novolac based liquid epoxy coating designed to coat new line pipes as well for the repair and rehabilitation of existing pipelines operating at temperatures up to 95ºC (203ºF). Powercrete R-95 can be applied at a thickness of 40+ mils (1000 microns & more) in a single coat and it exhibits excellent cathodic disbondment, superior mechanical protection and good chemical resistance properties, as well.


Max Temperature: 95º C, 203º F


100% Solids Epoxy; No V.O.C.s and No Isocyanates

Directional Drill & Thrust Bore Applications

Excellent Mechanical Properties & Bond Strength

High Build in a Single Application - 40 mils

Operating Temperatures up to 203° F.

Excellent Wetting Properties to Bare Steel

Superior Chemical Resistance

Excellent Cathodic Disbondment


Powercrete R-95 - Technical Data Sheet

Powercrete R-95 - MSDS

Powercrete R-95 - Cure Chart

Powercrete R-95 - Hand Application Guide

Powercrete R-95 - Spray Application Guide

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