Powercrete R-120 and Powercrete YGE Epoxy Coatings

powercrete R-120 and Powercrete YGE epoxy pipeline coating applied to a pipelinePowercrete R-120 Powercrete YGEpowercrete r-120 and powercrete yge epoxy coating

Powercrete R-120 - High build epoxy novolac coating.

Powercrete YGE - External pipe coating meets AWWA C-210

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Powercrete R-120 - 100% solids liquid epoxy novolac designed for direct bond to bare steel pipelines and FBE coatings on directional drill. Can be used as an Abrasion resistant overlay coating (ARO). Powercrete R-120 is compatible with FBE and CTE coated mainline coatings. Applications up to 40 mils per coat.

Powercrete YGE - A single coat, 100% solids, fast setting 2-component, epoxy that can easily achieve a dry film thickness of up to 30 mils in a single application. YGE complies with AWWA C-210 Standard for external pipeline coatings.


Max Temperature: R-120 120º C, 250º F

Max Temperature: YGE 60º C, 140º F

These products have been discontinued, but may be available if minimum batch quantities are met. Please contact us for more information.


100% Solids Epoxy; No V.O.C.s and No Isocyanates

Directional Drill & Thrust Bore Applications

Excellent Mechanical Properties & Bond Strength

High Build in a Single Application - 40 mils

Operating Temperatures up to 250° F (R-120).

Excellent Wetting Properties to Bare Steel

Superior Chemical Resistance

Excellent Cathodic Disbondment


Powercrete R-120 - Technical Data Sheet

Powercrete YGE - Technical Data Sheet

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