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Revolutionary liquid epoxy coatings for corrosion prevention

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Max Temperature: 55 ºC, 131 ºF

powercrete j epoxy coating for girth welds over coal tar or fusion bond

Powercrete J is the ultimate girth weld coating for FBE and CTE coated pipes.  Powercrete J is a single coat, 100% solids, high build liquid epoxy coating designed for repairing and rehabilitating pipelines operating at maximum temperatures of up to 55°C (130°F) and other metal structures.  Powercrete is a two component, solvent-free epoxy that can easily achieve a dry film thickness of up to 20 mils in a single coat. Powercrete J provides versatility as it can be easily applied by hand or spray.

Powercrete J - 100% Solids Epoxy Coating

Powercrete J - Girth Welds,  Bare Steel and Directional Drill Applications.  The Ultimate Girth Weld CoatingDownloads:  Powercrete J - Data Sheet Powercrete J - MSDS Powercrete J - Hand Application Guidepowercrete epoxy coatings - ultimate coating for corrosion protection