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About Powercrete Epoxy Coatings

Since 1980 Powercrete® epoxies have demonstrated strength and integrity as revolutionary liquid coatings for preventing corrosion in the pipeline industry. Scientists and researchers have further developed the Powercrete® line of epoxy coatings in response to application demands. Today, owners and contractors choose Powercrete® because they are confident in its dependable and reliable performance.

Choosing Powercrete® means you are selecting the leading liquid epoxy that continues to set the standard for the industry. Powercrete® provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance to protect valuable pipeline assets. Powercrete® is impervious to soil stress and is compatible with FBE and CTE line coatings.

The Powercrete® line of products include Powercrete J, Powercrete R60, Powercrete R95 and Powercrete R65/F1, Powercrete PW and more.

Powercrete is part of the SEAL FOR LIFE group of coatings and corrosion prevention products.

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About Protection Engineering

Over 35 years ago, Protection Engineering started its business with the leading products in the corrosion prevention market. These products included cold applied pipeline tapes, hot coal tar enamel and Koppers Bitumastic coatings - the standard corrosion protection products of the day.

In addition to distributing and manufacturing various products for pipeline protection, waterproofing, and cathodic protection - Protection Engineering has developed a relationship with Seal For Life Industries and is an authorized packager and distribution house for Powercrete® epoxy coatings . We provide Powercrete® products to a wide range of end users, contractors and supply companies. Contact us and let us help you with your Powercrete® needs.

Packaging & Distribution

Powercrete Liquid Epoxy Coatings

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Protection Engineering

Pittsburg, CA - 925.427.6200

Western United States Operations, Sales, Support and Distribution for the Powercrete Line of Liquid Epoxy Coatings.

Protection Engineering

Pleasant Grove, UT - 801.785.1546

Mountain States and Eastern United States Operations, Sales, Support & Powercrete Epoxy Coatings Packaging Facility.

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Protection Engineering

PO Box  8996

Pittsburg, CA 94565

Tel: 925.427.6200 or 801.785.1546

Email: info@corrosioncoatings.com

For information call: 800-878-8837

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